Friday, September 21, 2007

Education is

Heh, I'm in the business of education. We can't teach without having students.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun - Now has a blog!

Hi Everyone!

Time4Learning now has a new affiliated site called: Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

Mostly, we will keep the vocabulary site the way it is. The few changes that we will make will be:

- increase the number of vocabulary words and vocabulary topics in the vocabulary games. For instance, we just added 600 new words to the database by providing individual word lists for pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. There are now 219 topics and 10,353 words in the vocabulary database. There are many suitable topics for both young and older students.

- adding a vocabulary blog to improve communciation with the users and to solicity information on what more the site could be providing or on how best to use it. The first post was about Teaching with Crossword Puzzles and the second was the announcement about Jacob (creator of the site) about the increased vocabulary topics list.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Teach to the Test - FCAT

This year, my daughter has teachers who have thrown out all pretense of teaching anything other than FCAT.Last night at her school’s open house, I sat, stunned, as her English teacher explained that there would be no curriculum other than FCAT practice until after the writing test in February... “I don’t teach any literature at all until after that time,” the English teacher said. “I’m sure you all understand.”

I don’t understand. Not at all. I’m speechless.
by Vicki McCash Brennan

Ms. Brennan - You are so right to be outraged.

How can America, whose future depends so much on education, have turned our educational system into this test prep morass? It's a grim frivolous time in education where the need for reform has been hijacked by a top-down order to focus on the simplest most-measurable type of education and get the largest number of kids possible to score at the passing level.


And now a word from our sponsor. There's an article about Warriors Collide, Ft Lauderdale. This is a little bit like news.

Here's some resources to be found on Vocabulary Learning Fun.
Vocabulary Resources :Ultimate Vocabulary - A software package designed to vocabulary
Expand Vocabulary - A chnce to do what the name says!!!!
Power Words - For people with little minds. Use big words to compensate and highlight your lack of brainpower.Vocabulary Builder - Learn about the parts of words. Like lego, parts can be assembled into bigger things!!!!

.GRE Vocabulary - This will teach you how A better vocabulary is...uh...better. A series of cheesy educationally-invalid ways

Increase Vocabulary - How does your vocabulary tell everyone about your personality ?Vocabulary Software - To feed the hungry machine, we need to keep pushing software. Very popularWord Smart Review - I haven't had a chance to review this essay but I'd like to.

Lastly, aren't you curious:Why do I blog?

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