Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Peace Corps Volunteer

Here's a piece of trivia about me...I was a US Peace Corps Volunteer 1980-82 in Cameroon. I was contacted this week by Wendy who is a currently serving volunteer who is trying to build 30 libraries in schools Cameroon and is looking for help. As in donations. I helped. Will you?

Books For Cameroon

I think this can make a world of difference to those kids.

Blogs vs Twitter vs Facebook for Promotional Purposes

Blogs Can Still Drive Big Traffic - I thought this was a great post since in all the excitement about twitter and facebook, their limitations are overlooked. I received this from a colleague which I thought I'd share: Saw this in the comments of the post, and thought it was an interesting thought...

"Social marketing like 'twitter' and 'facebook' are not really business generators unless you sell/promote an event or an open day! These are more activity related results. Other business models get far more results from a good blog."

I think the idea there is that Twitter and FB are perfect for "fluid" content. Things that are changing/updating/moving/growing

But that static content can be better represented by a good blog post which offers the ability to EXPLAIN why a consumer needs this product.

My take: Facebook and Twitter are like cocktail parties, a good place to casually interact and exchange quick thoughts but no place for real conversation or information. Also, they're good for quick updates and questions like pools. But they're limited to snippets of info.

If I really wanted to learn about education, I'd go to an education forum or newsgroup.
If I really wanted parents discussion, I'd go to a parents discussion group.
If I wanted to find out about homeschooling, I might use Facebook to find a group but then, I'd go have real discussions on a blog or forum or newsgroup where the media allows for substance!