Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lego Ergo Sum

"Lego Ergo Sum" - what does it mean?

This fall, the educational content of Time4Learning (from CompassLearning) was greatly enhanced by a large number of wonderful new lessons.

The highlight of the new materials was a large number of vocabulary exercises. Antonyms and synonyms and all sorts of exercises done in a fun multimedia manner.

Fast paced but with just the right type of repetition so that the children really learn.

Each one starts with the announcement of Lego Ergo Sum.

If someone could tell me what that means, they've earned a free Time4Learning coffee cup.(no, saying that it is Latin does not count). email to john at time4learning . thats a com.

The winner is Kathy. Although her translation of lego ergo sum only fed my curiosity.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Preschool Online Learning Games

There are lots and lots of good online and computer learning games for preschoolers.

For the kids, everything is new and fun and they are so curious and ready to learn.

Parents are of two minds. They are thrilled to see their children using sophisticated tools and playing preschool games that teach.

But they worry about the amount of time that their kids spend online and whether they are creating some sort of computer or game addict. Also, since the kids move rapidly, parents need to keep finding new games and site for them to use.

Time4Learning solves alot of these problems for families. Time4Learning's preschool program has a timer which helps parents manage the kids time online. And it provides an endless stream of lessons in a meaningful educational sequence. So, you can start your child at time4Learning at preschool and have them use it to learn with right up thru elementary games and middle school.