Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Time4Learning - An Online Learning Resource

If you are using Time4Learning as a supplement for your child who is enrolled in a public or private school, then choosing materials to supplement their schoolwork is as simple as going to the Scope and Sequence lesson plans page, picking the correct grade and subject matter (either math, language arts, science, or social studies), and then finding the matching lesson that your child needs extra practice in.

Each lesson includes corresponding activity numbers that can be inserted in the Activity Finder within the child’s welcome page. This will take the child directly to the lesson where he or she needs reinforcement.

If you are using Time4Learning as a supplement to a homeschool curriculum, you have many choices as to how you could best use Time4Learning to aid your child’s education. One choice would be to use Time4Learning as the primary curriculum for one or more subjects, and then use the other subjects as supplements to your other preferred curriculum. Or, if you are using a conventional homeschool curriculum for your core subjects, you could use the Activity Finder to pick and choose those lessons you want to give your child further practice in.

Time4Learning also understands that children can have very different mixes of skills which can be considered "above" or below" grade level. Often both gifted and special education students have areas of strengths and weakness. Maybe your child is enrolled in fourth grade at their public school, is excelling in their math, but is only reading at a second grade level. You might want to supplement their math at grade level, but supplement reading at a lower level. The availability of this multi-level learning is one of the key benefits of the Time4Learning system.

by kerry jones, homeschooling mother

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HomeSchool Curriculum Reviews

There have been a few homeschool curriculum reviews of Time4Learning recently:

Anita - a homeschooling mom in Mississippi with four children who starts with:
I had read thousands of stories of beginner homeschool families on the internet and no matter how different each was - what they had in common was the total overpurchase of teaching materials that first year....her homeschool review

Heidi - a California homeschooling mom who says:
Ok...this is just TOO weird. My daughter, TOTALLY unsolicited, just said, "I like problems with orders of operations...In fact...I LIKE math now. If that isn't worth $19.95 a month, I don't know what is. VERY cool.

And here is another ...Venomous Kate says Yes-Freaking-Hah! about her best homeschooling day yet!.