Saturday, October 05, 2013

Angela Ma iers & Larry Ferrazo #CE13

This isn't an article, it's just notes from a #CE13, online chat of connected educators.
Choosing to matter.  #youmatter
Telling me that they matter because their contribution is needed. Everyone's genius can and should contribute.  It's not about inspiration or ego or self-esteem, it's about helping them find their passion and asking them to contribute with their genius....
Angela points out that students don't want to be passive.
It's not inspiration. It's a reality. People are needed.....
More about Choose2Matter: Choose2Matter - K12 Online education connector.

Many book clubs in connected educator...

Larry was a community organizer for 19 years prior to being a teacher. The nexus is the drive to find a way to get people to drive themselves. Helping people find motivation....Look for intrinsic motivation.

My themes.
I'm a total education radical. The system as it now exists drives me nuts. Like Geoffrey Canada, I'm angry.  Teachers teach classes saying that its aimed at passing the AP test.  Courses are built around tests. It's all tied up in this circular accreditation thing which has long stopped meaning anything to most of the students going through it.

I became a radical by listening to my Dad.  I became a radical by going to HBS.  I 

An old community organizing principle.  The people most affected by a problem are often best positioned to know how to solve it.

Book Clubs:
Teacherpreneurs by CTQ (Barnett B et al)
The Connected Educator, by Sheryl and Lani 
Invent To Learn, by Sylvia Martinez

What School Leader NeedTo Know About Digital Technologies by Scott McLeod

donnaroman - that was awesome.  I can use that:  What do you want us to notice about you....?

angelamaiers  - Yes Jean---Consider my blog as an open inviation to share your genius with the world community! I try to highlight a teacher, student,leader doing work that matters!

Judy Willis - Ignite
John Medina's book-Brain Rules
Never do anything for others that they can do for themselves...