Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hottest Product Category at ISTE 2012!

I'm launching a new theme for this blog: mobile education.  My focus is on the creating and marketing of it.  I was just at the ISTE 2012 conference in San Diego. My observation is that the hot new product on the floor was....(drum roll please).....Ipad covers and protection devices. There must have been a dozen booths selling covers and protectors and what not. One booth had little rubber balls that go on each corner of the IPAD and protects them when they fall.

Here's what amuses me. Actually, it make me cry.  The schools were apparently acquiring these covers in bulk. Some were $5 per Ipad, some were $25.  But, when I talk to them about educational content for their Ipads, they all answered the same way:

This year we are only using free Apps. THIS YEAR WE ARE ONLY USING FREE APPS!  Great, instead of having a team of people slaving over educational content, I should be importing rubber balls with slits in them to put onto the corners of Ipads at $20 per shot.