Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Retro Educational Technology

I'm involved in another blog which is one of may favorities, its about my collection of old educational technology.

I've been collecting for awhile. It started whne I brought the typewrite that I used in highschool into the office. I wondered at the time if it would useful for envelopes or something. As it turns out, its a huge conversation piece. Most of my colleagues had never used a real manual typewriter.  Just to complete blow their minds, I bought some carbon paper which turns out to be another discovery for al of them. 

Since then, the collection has grown, check it out. Tell your friends!
A few of the items featured so far:

  • Slide rules
  • typewriters
  • film strip projectors
  • record players
BTW, I'm looking for a mimeograph mahcine (circa 1960s or 760s) to compete the collection.  Can you help me get a lead on one?