Friday, December 18, 2009

Fan Videos, Professional Development, SpellingCity

Have fun practicing your spelling words

Many educators and parents now know, the site that went from nothing in early 2008 to the most popular word game and spelling website on the web by this fall. (disclosure, I'm professionally involved in it).Educational Awards

I was talking to an educator yesterday. Actually, I was listening. She explained to me:

SpellingCity is built so users can explore and easily find everything that they need plus all sorts of useful spelling and vocabulary resources. That's not optimal for teachers. Teachers don't have the time, skills, or inclination to explore. They need more explicit instruction. Where's the professional development section that tells them what to do and what there is?

I weakly explained that everything is easily found and that teachers could...Then I realized that she was 100% right and it was time for a paradigm shift on navigation and training for spellingcity. I'll start by doing a quick inventory of what previously was known as SpellingCity Tube with How To Videos and which will shortly be named, or subtitled, professional Development. It'll have a clear sequence of videos to watch to learn the site.

Getting Started (currently known as Taking a Test)
Grading a Test - need to review.
Saving Lists - needs to be made, mention parent newsletter
Learning Exercises - Overviews Test, Teach, 11 games/activities, printables
A Users Perspective - Overview
Premium Membership - In Development.

Summary of Ideas to Easily Follow up on
1. Reorg how to videos into Training with a sequence etc
2. Create pages by grade level, figure out menus. Pages will collect resources and games and lists appropriate to that grade. Example: K-2 will feature alphabetize and phonics lists and sight words. Fifth through eighth will highlight memorizing state capitals. Possessives will be in 3rd - 5th etc. (do same thing on LG4K & Vocab)

Plus much more.....