Friday, October 23, 2009

learning game websites

Who are the biggies in this area?
There's: with their "Mondrian" design that fits so much advertising and content onto the page that it makes my head spin. I think they are very savvy commercially really working the revenue maximizing side of the puzzle. Their graphics suggest a younger kid focus. is more aesthetic and cute. I can't tell whether they've selected topics by interest or for revenue. They have an remarkable structure of lessons and activities with different levels. It squeezes the maximum content and perhaps value out of the materials. I can't tell if it's databased or each one is standalone.

The educational games website is very sweet. It's smaller and less commercial than the rest but only slightly. is the most commercial of all. Want to see something interesting? Google free learning games and click on the CleverIsland paid advertisement. Give them your name and email so that you can see the free games. Use a variation of your real name. Then count how many people email you using that name variation. They're really aggressive.

To research:

Gamequarium has collected all sorts of games and links. They are doing a little crowdsourcing with their add-a-link effort:

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