Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HomeSchool Curriculum Reviews

There have been a few homeschool curriculum reviews of Time4Learning recently:

Anita - a homeschooling mom in Mississippi with four children who starts with:
I had read thousands of stories of beginner homeschool families on the internet and no matter how different each was - what they had in common was the total overpurchase of teaching materials that first year....her homeschool review

Heidi - a California homeschooling mom who says:
Ok...this is just TOO weird. My daughter, TOTALLY unsolicited, just said, "I like problems with orders of operations...In fact...I LIKE math now. If that isn't worth $19.95 a month, I don't know what is. VERY cool.

And here is another ...Venomous Kate says Yes-Freaking-Hah! about her best homeschooling day yet!.

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