Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Peace Corps Volunteer

Here's a piece of trivia about me...I was a US Peace Corps Volunteer 1980-82 in Cameroon. I was contacted this week by Wendy who is a currently serving volunteer who is trying to build 30 libraries in schools Cameroon and is looking for help. As in donations. I helped. Will you?

Books For Cameroon

I think this can make a world of difference to those kids.

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BBat50 said...

UPDATE - The Books for Cameroon project is now fully funded. Wendy is ordering the books and working at how to manage the system setup and ongoing. Thanks to everyone who contributed including my peer group of volunteers and a few people who owed me favors that I called in.

And Wendy, keep up the good work. Any other volunteers planning to keep working on the project after your time finishes?