Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Home Schooling & Online Learning

Homeschooling parents share a determination to provide a quality education for their children. While homeschooling parents have many different reasons behind their decision, most of these parents share a few traits:

- Determination. You have a fierce resolution to provide a quality education.

- Skepticism. You’ve heard too much to accept claims at face value.

- Frugality. A focus on value and usefulness. You insist on tangible benefits and true value.

Homeschooling parents are eager to adopt learning tools that are effective, reasonably priced, and that help organize and enrich the days. They refuse, however, to subscribe to systems that just recreate the institutional inflexibility of the school systems that they just left.

Many of Time4Learning.com's new members include homeschooling families. When asked why they select Time4Learning, homeschooling parents answer:

“My child can either work independently or with my involvement.”

“Their lessons provide a welcome change of rhythm to the day.”

“Time4Learning provides a core curriculum in a fun interactive format.”

“Unlike other vendors, Time4Learning returns my calls.”

“Time4Learning has the flexibility to support the approach that I’m taking with my children. I wanted control over the curriculum and they gave it to me.”

Time4Learning is learning a lot about homeschoolers and how to work with them.

Time4Learning has learned that homeschooling parents, like most parents, have very tight time budgets and are looking for solutions to real day-to-day problems. As one mother put it: “My kids love me and they love their books, but they certainly aren’t ready to spend their day split between just their books and me. Time4Learning provides another rotation spot in the day which is educationally valid, reasonably priced, and consistent with our approach and values.”

Time4Learning is eager to learn more and is trying to do some research on what works best for children ages 3-10 in terms of a daily and weekly schedule. We get many requests for advice in this area and so would like some input. Thanks. Just post it here or send it to john@Time4Learning.com

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