Thursday, July 07, 2005

Education - Technology to the Rescue

Technology to the Rescue (Of course, technology is one of many changes. Others include better paid and trained teachers, reduce school administration expenses at the district and state level, improve school management, higher involvement of parents with some changes in lifestyles at home for kids to succeed etc etc)

The computer for education is uniquely powerful as a private and supportive way for children to practice their lessons and further their learning.

Many children, especially those wrestling with learning skills different from the mainstream, become very self-conscious about their intelligence and learning ability. A large number of these children expend a lot of time and energy hiding their needs from their peers, teachers, and even parents. It is often necessary for them to need to spend longer periods of time understanding instructions or explanations, to need more time to think about and to work on exercises, or to need more practice time to master basic skills, or to have material presented to them verbally and visually. One example of a new advanced online educational teaching games that can fulfill these needs. Take a look.

Another category of exceptional students are the gifted ones. Oddly, the statistics of success for the academically gifted in public schools are not good. Again, technology offers a way for them to advance and be challenged in a private way that avoids the public issues which become so difficult for gifted children.

This is a new area for me so I'd be interested in feedback with your thoughts and experiences. I hope that the online computer learning system can fulfil these needs. I'm working with some families of special needs children to assess the usefulness of the computer education to them.

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