Sunday, December 25, 2005

Parenting Help - Whats the root problem? How can you help?

In some ways, children are strikingly direct. What parent hasn't heard their child in a voice too loud: "Look at that very fat man"?

In contrast, children with anxiety or emotional needs generally "act out" rather than directly ask for help. And, any child can feel anxious if they don't get some regular attention fromt their parent. And while parents know that being rushed is part of life, many children find the morning rush to be a source of anxiety.

Most parents find the mornings to be tough. Children are woken at a fixed hour, by a knock, yell, or alarm. Children are then expected to rush out of bed, rush thru dressing, rush thru breakfast, and rush to get to school on time. Once they sit down in class, many misbehave and "act out". Oddly, these children can often be expressing their need for attention.

Could this solve the problem? Try going in to your child 30 minutes before they have to get up. Lie down with them and talk with no agenda other than to listen to whats on their mind. Did they have dreams? Whats today going to be like? With 20 minutes of pure attention from a parent, many children who act out at school are now equipped for an entirely different sort of day.

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