Sunday, January 15, 2006

Parenting Teens Online

New article in the works:

Check out my thoughts on younger kids internet safety.

I'm writing a similiar article for publication on preteens and teens. The issues start with safety but also include work habits and productivity.

Example: most children share homework help at age 15 thru IM with their classmates. While common, this needs some management and thought. Starting with the fact that most IM discussions cross back and forth from gossip and drivel, but to homework, and back to silliness. Meanwhile, the homework's not done & the hour is getting late.

I believe in some discussions with the kids (not in the heat of the moment), lots of understanding of what they feel (I was impressed by "How to talk so children will listen" which says you need to start acknowledging and accepting that people have feelings. They turn-off the instant you tell them what they should feel. Our feelings are not for others to tell us about: they are ours.), some basic behavioral self-monitoring tools for them, and in many cases, parental monitoring (guide to tools to be included....

Send me your thoughts (which I will use in my article) -

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