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Home School Curriculum Reviews

Here are some recent home-school curriculum reviews that I liked:

Many children, especially otherwise reluctant learners, love to use computers. My children are no exception and my children absolutely LOVED Time4learning.com. There were many things about this program that impressed me.The first was that my children begged, I mean literally begged, to do “school on the computer”. The program was easy enough for the non-reader to navigate and provided challenging topics of study for the proficient reader.
by Meg Grooms - BellaOnline "Voice of Woman" Homeschooling Editor

First, I need to mention that I am new to homeschooling; this is my first
year. I have five children; but as a start, I decided to homeschool only three
of them: a twelve year old, an eleven year old, and a five year old.

For weeks I searched the internet looking for an online homeschooling
curriculum that would meet my needs for simplicity, ease of use, and low
cost—Time4Learning was the answer I was looking for! My children and I
have been using the Time4Learning Homeschool Online for the past couple
weeks and we are extremely satisfied....Time4Learning Review by Christine Rissew

My son absolutely loved the site. He would work on a lesson and often ignore the timer, going beyond the 30 minutes until it would be finished before going to the playground. I was gone for a couple days after he had been on the site for a week or so and he went to some friends during the daytime, another homeschool family. The first day when he worked on the site, their daughter watched everything intently. She was so interested her mom signed her up for the two-week trial and then went to monthly subscription despite limited finances. She absolutely loves it as well..... by Nancy Wagner - Old SchoolHouse Magazine Homeschool Families
....The Math area was very helpful to both of us. We had to miss a Prealgebra class the week after my surgery, but were able to review the material we missed using Time4Learning. Speaking of my surgery, having educational activities that KJ could do alone while I recovered was very helpful. KJ enjoyed the Science sections the most and will be continuing through those for sure. ...Time4Learning has a parent login where I can see what he has completed and how well he did on the quizzes so I can keep up with what he is doing. Overall, I think Time4Learning is an excellent supplement to our homeschool curriculum.

by Rebel Hart 3/15/06 - http://www.mindspring.com/~rebel_hart/
I was excited to learn that Time4Learning had expanded their online curriculum to include all subjects and now through eighth grade. So I decided to take a new look at this site, thinking of my fifth grader who loves to learn online.
With permission from the owner, John Edelson, I signed in and took a peek at the middle-school level courses. The topics are greatly enlarged from the former math and language arts with just a sampling of science and social studies. Now the subjects include Brain Buzzers (art, music, and health), Thematic Projects, and algebra, for a total of seven full curriculum subjects.

Since Kaitlin is a highly visual learner/kinesthetic learner, her ability to interact with the subject matter made learning come alive ... Second Grade Software - Time4Learning
Looking for second grade software? Time4Learning is a comprehensive educational learning system that offers second grade worksheets, activities and games geared to help 2nd graders develop a solid reading and math foundation. ... through examples of the reading. Second graders have challenging worksheets and reading exercises, and should be ... Audio Books for Kids. Homeschool Curriculum. Kids Typing Tutor ... http://www.time4learning.com/second-grade.shtml

Second Grade Worth Seek
Time4Learning is an online curriculum. Actually, its more than that since it has a system for playing games but only after you do your work. Focusing on the math, I have experience with my kids at the preschool, 2nd, and 5th grade levels.

The preschool is a systematic set of learning exercises which does patterns, quantity, numerals, features, greater/less than, shapes, etc etc. There are animated exercises and printable worksheets.

The second grade lesson plan is more formal with each unit organized around a skill with lessons, interactive exercises, worksheets, and an assessment. Its a broad curriculum whose strength is covering the entire curriculum (arithmetic, measurement, data analysis, algebra, probability etc). In some places, I would like more repetition and depth as in the math facts.

The fifth grade lessons still has elements of the fun and playful but not all of the lessons are truly animated, many are text-based with interactive exercises at this level. Again, the programs strength is that it is a self-running system which takes the kids from lesson to exercise to reinforcement to quiz. And it is a broad thorough curriculum.

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