Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gifted Education

Time4Learning has decided to help parents of gifted kids get the advanced math that they deserve.

"With Time4Learning, you can help us place your child at the appropriate math level. It's not unusual for a child gifted in math to be weaker in language arts. With Time4Learning, your child can pick and choose those lessons that are most meaningful to him or her (and to you!).

If a parent wants to change a grade level up or down permanently, we can shift the student easily.

Once placed, you have access to the materials in adjacent years so in areas where the student is ready for even more challenge or would like to review, you can click forward and back. This is especially important for gifted children, who often have uneven skills development in different subjects."

So, if you are looking for advanced materials for your gifted child, give us a visit.

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