Sunday, September 10, 2006

Florida Virtual School

Does anyone know much about the Florida Virtual School?

Here's what I know....
1. They are set up as a school district in Florida and get public moneys proportional to however many students that they sign up. It seems that the more they sign-up, the more money that they get.
2. They are incredible in terms of advertising. They are at every homeschool show and do more google Pay per click advertising than anybody. Their student acquisition cost, perhaps part of the public record, must be really high. I would guess that they spend more than a $100 per student that they sign up. It might be as high as thousand.
3. The education is free to students in florida but there is tuition for out of state. I don't know how much yet. I'd like to know.
4. The courses are OK but not great.
5. They have some licensees who put in their own teachers and offer themselves. I think Broward county is a licensee although that might be ending.
6. They started with high school, I don't know if they are doing middle school

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