Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Homeschooling for High School – What’s different?

Homeschooling your students into high school will surely many bring changes to your homeschool program . There are several reasons that the approach used in the elementary and middle school years should change for the high school years.

First of all, the subject matter is much more in-depth. So most homeschooling parents shift from a role where they are a subject-matter expert to a role where they are more of a guide. Parents often broaden their use of outside resources not just from their local support group but they include online courses, courses at local colleges, and often, at their local high schools (especially for homeschool driver’s education.)

Homeschooling in high school can also be different since at the high school level, there is a need to prepare skills and credentials to meet career and post secondary education requirements. This means that in addition to complying with minimal requirements for homeschooling, parents start considering the requirements to receive high school diplomas, to gain acceptance to colleges, and to be prepared for careers.

Here is a link to more information on how to plan for the changes in homeschooling at the high school level.

And, there are parents who are moving in the other direction. There are parents who only start homeschooling in high school.

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