Monday, October 20, 2008

From Online to in the flesh - Campaigns are multimedia

Today, I went to a political rally. It's actually the first political rally that I've been to since I was about 20 (I'm 50 now).

I won't share my politics with you but I will say that it really made me think about the process and people as I stood there in a crowd, a very mixed crowd, in the sun at mid-day.

There were old and young, mostly old. Many volunteers. Some children. I assumed that they were homeschoolers since it was a school day.

It's 15 days to election day and being in Florida, we hear A LOT of political ads on the TV and radio. It makes sense to me that in addition to enormous amounts of online work, they hit the crowds and radios, and the TVs and the newspapers. There is no mor multimedia effort than a presidential campaign.

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