Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twitter is Not a Waste of Time!

I'm wrong again. It turns out, according to the latest research, that Twitter is Not a Waste of Time! And I quote a campus technology article:

David Parry (2008), an assistant professor at the University of Dallas, cited an example of a class in which one half of the students used Twitter and one half did not. He observed that those students who did use the technology were more engaged and connected overall with the course and that he, as the instructor, knew more about the students' understanding and progress throughout the course than with those who did not use the technology. Parry did note that there is something of a challenge not to over-engage with students but did propose that being relevant with students is a very real challenge in his view of teaching. The more that instructor can and does use current communication tools like Twitter with students, Parry noted, the more students will regard the instructor as relevant. When instructors do not communicate with students using these kinds of tools, according to Parry, students will likely regard those instructors as irrelevant.

In this article, I was also introduced to the term microblogging. Microblogging technology basically brings the concept of blogging into a more direct and immediate mode.

I would guess that microblogging includes:
  1. twitter
  2. facebook: wWhat are you doing right now.
  3. All sorts of computer and phone based chat.

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