Sunday, May 16, 2010

New English language learning games

I've been working hard on reimagining what VOCABULARY LEARNING FUN can and will be.  I'm particularly impressed by the great new English Language Games In it's new version, we have great technology to build flash games and a network of teachers giving us input on wha they want with others helping us write it. Teachers take note: we are taking input on what sort of  free learning games you want.  So far, for example, we were told that there  really weren’t any sites that allowed you to practice analogies, for example. So we built a great collection of analogies and put them in a full interactive online flash vocabulary game.  Enjoy!

Analogy Games

Antonym Games

Compound Word Games

Contraction Games

Definition/Context Games

Foreign Language/ESL Games
Idioms in English or Slang English Vocabulary

Parts of Speech Games

Prefix Games

Root Word Games  

Suffix Games

Syllable Games

Synonym Games

Word Play Games

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