Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teaching Syllables and Segmenting

I just saw the absolute coolest online exercise that I've ever seen for teaching syllables and segmenting.  Check it out.   The lesson starts by explaining not just one but three ways for students to break up syllables.  This really provides a chance for a deep understanding.

The exercise itself is also incredibly rich.  First, the kid is asked (by a mouse!) to break words up into syllables.  It's a great exercise.  If the student needs help or asks for a hint, the game prompts him both by telling him how many syllables and by providing a specific hint for the segmenting of that type of word. For example:

 Divide before the middle consonant when the vowel sound before it is short!

The only other place that I've ever seen such detailed help with phonics and syllables are in paid subscription programs

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