Wednesday, August 18, 2010

High School Diplomas - Many Flavors

I learned from a visitor today that the high school diploma seems to come in a few flavors (I'm in Florida).
  1. International Bacchlareate
  2. Standard 24 credit high school diploma (which incidentally, does not qualify you for Florida state colleges. For example, the high diploma requires 4 English credits, Florida State require 5.5 credits).
  3. ESE Option 1 - Student has supplemental assistance and has received multiple credits from the same course.
  4. ESE Option 2 - A diploma usually earned primarily for "life skill" courses. These students are primarily "in the system" all their life.
  5. GED - High school equivalency
  6. Non-accredited diploma signed by anyone "awarding" a high school diploma. In the case of many local schools, the significant issue is that the high school has a matriculation agreement with the targeted school.  
  7. Homeschool diploma. Essentially signed by mom and dad that they homeschooled the student through high school.  

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