Thursday, September 07, 2017

Hurricane Education

Here's my favorite, the hurricane song.

Hurricane Spong
The Hurricane Song

 Here's a new one that I just discovered. How much does a hurricane weigh? Sound stupid but it's amazing. It first deals with the question of how much does a typical fluffy cloud weight (Spoiler alert...tons!)


This little film has some good content but the dramatic premise is laughable.

Hi Timmy. Your house is gone. I'll teach you some science about hurrricanes....

It does have a few dramatic music sequences which make up for the cheesy premise. Also, it's got a great British  voice over.

BTW. I'm looking at hurricane info since I'm an evacuee from IRMA in Ft Lauderdale.
Here is the info on evacuation zones in Ft Lauderdale.

Flex tape - here's the ad from TV about this amazing tape. If I'd had time, I wanted to seal up my sliding doors at the seam and see if it would actually stop the house from flooding. Anyone know if it would?  I asked them in the comments of their youtube video, I wonder if they'll answer...

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