Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Elementary Writing Program

WritingCity is our new writing program, I'm real excited about it.  I saw this blog post about how it serves as a great elementary writing program

And I'll quote a little:

WritingCity, previously WriteStepsWriting, provides:

  • detailed day by day lesson plans
  • the authentic student writing samples as examplars
  • the videos so the mini-lessons could be done in literacy centers rather than in whole class sessions by the teacher
  • The blending of key writing strategies including Writer’s Workshop, 6 Trait Writing,   Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, Marzano’s Instructional Strategies, and Cooperative Learning
  • The balance of using prompts that are response to reading versus more open-ended prompts

  • Teaching writing of course is very difficult in elementary schools since the teachers aren't dying to spend time reivewing the kids writing and the kids aren't always that excited about struggling with sentences. But getting them writing early is always a great idea.

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