Thursday, June 10, 2021

Fun Learning and the Pandemic

 There are currents and counter currents. Overall, students did worse as measured by standardized tests. Especially in math.

But, many students learned faster and better and flourished in remote learning. Many kids switched to homeschooling and seemed happier. At the pandemic outset, 4% of the US K12 population was being homeschooled. Most recent Census homeschooling data says that over 10% is being homeschooled.

 True educational games have done great in the pandemic.  Time4Maths which is a great math set of games organized and managed so that they build true math facts fluency and  proficiency while the kids are simply playing. Great example of true game-based learning.  For more info on a fun, effective way to build your child’s skills in math, look at the links below.

Time4MathFacts is an online program that helps students practice and master their math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Whether your child is struggling in math or beginning to learn their math facts, Time4MathFacts can help them reach their goals and boost their confidence.

Addition Facts Practice

Subtraction Facts Practice

Multiplication Facts Practice

Division Facts Practice

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Johne said...

The games on Time4MathFacts are very engaging. They also push the kids to react faster which works for most but not all kids. The time pressure isn't right for all children. Just saying....