Sunday, May 15, 2005

Summer Skills Sharpener

Your child works hard during the school year and needs a summer
break to come back refreshed. Yet you know that it would be foolish to waste those summer months since academic progress is hard to make and a long summer layoff can result in backsliding.

Have you noticed how much your child enjoys using the computer? Maybe the answer this summer is to use the computer for a summer skills sharpener. This article reviews your choices for software programs for younger (under ten) children for use in the summer or doing the school year.

Learning Games on CDs - These programs can be bought in most stores. These games are a lot of fun with some educational components included. The downside is that most "learning games" tend to be more game than lesson. An upside is that CDs work even when there's no internet access.

Free Educational Game Web Sites - There are a lot of websites with "learning and games" services. But, these sites can be very commercial. Some even invite children to download games which contain spyware and viruses. These sites are similar to CDs in that they tilt towards games with limited educational substance.

Free Learning Sites - There are some free learning sites ranging from those that provide worksheets such as and to those with interactive exercises such as Funbrain,, and However, it is left to the parent to provide continuity, determine progress, and to assemble a cohesive over-all program.

Time4Learning's Subscription Online Service - A good educator teaches skills systematically. Uniquely, Time4Learning both provides children with a personalized, effectuve sequence of lessons and tracks the children's activities. Time4Learning also has reports for parents and safe games for kids included in the $19.95 monthly fee. Learning & Games - Time4Learning is a great summer skills sharpener and a welcome change from more-of-the-same workbooks. Learn More

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