Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Build Reading Skills

As a parent of two children, I recall fondly their first successes at reading. I could not have been prouder. Yet successfully learning to read is not something to take for granted. Learning to read effectively is the culmination of a lot of small steps that children take, some long before they are ready to read, others in the years after first learning to decode words.Learning to read successfully means not only being able to decode words but being able to comprehend, to read fluently, and to enjoy reading. It's a common thought, although it's not true, that learning to read is a natural or trouble-free process.

In reality many children, from all backgrounds, need supplementary help in mastering the reading skills. To help parents understand the skills required to become a reader, Time4Learning has created the Reading Skills Pyramid. It helps parents understand the key skills for reading and the typical ages for acquiring them. I will discuss this more in a future newsletter.

Recommended Website : The Literacy Center provides quality introduction to letters, colors, shapes, numerals, and quantity. Plus, it has the same materials in French, Spanish, and German.

Time4Learning Service:. Give your children every chance to succeed. And some fun, too! Children learn language arts and math skills. If you don't see your children learning and progressing, cancel within the first 14 days and get all your money back.

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