Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fun & Learning

Parental Involvement in Software & Education - Time4Learning's knows that parents want more useful information about the children, their activities, and their interests. Time4Learning also knows that today's parents are busy and need simple problem-solving easy-to-use products. Sure, Internet Explorer has parental control technology built in, has anyone anywhere ever figured out how to use it? Time4Learning provides parents an easy way to decide how much time should be spent in pure learning activities and how much time in the playground. Time4Learning provides useful and interesting reports for parents on their children's activities. Time4Learning also provides useful summaries of basic educational information such as the Time4Learning Reading Skills Pyramid.

Educational Use of Technology - Technology for educational enrichment is particularly effective in the young years. At first, mastering the mouse skills and the interface are the challenges. From there, children move to following directions, basic recognition of shapes, colors, letters, and numerals. These skills and the others need reinforcement and development from as many learning modalities as possible. Manipulatives, verbal, visual, and interactive all can contribute to children's mastery of the skills. The computer is endlessly patient and always available. Equipped with the right software, it can provide ongoing assessment and stimulating activities to help the children move forward. Yet, to be useful, it needed software that structures elementary learning activities in an appropriate scope and sequence and which provided a motivating structure for learning and games.

Fun & Learning Games - Time4Learning's Playground is mix of educational materials, edutainment, and "casual" games. They are designed to be fun but not all-consuming. The goal is entertainment, not addiction. One of the most popular parts of the entire Time4Learning service is the Two Player games. These games are for two people to play together at the same computer. Time4Learning is also meant to be fun for the parents. fun in that its Ed Mouse who tells the kids that they've been on the computer long enough, not the parent who has to stand watch with a timer.

The founder and president is John Edelson.


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