Friday, August 26, 2005

Web Safety & Endless Games

Reasons 2 & 3 for the creation of Time4Learning

Online Web Safety - Kids should be able to use the best web sites and have some freedom to explore. But leaving children under ten unsupervised on the net is not a good idea. Time4Learning provides a safe "white list" and interface to the best children's sites. They get ample room to explore but within a safe playground.

Endless Supply of Edutainment & Game Software -"Buying kid's software turned out to be expensive and frustrating. At one point, as my kids clamored for more software, I counted 20 disks that we had bought over the last few months. It turns out that five were "too hard" and another five were "too babyish". Young children develop so rapidly that buying software that hits their personal level at the right time is difficult, particularly with educational skill oriented games. Another five CDs were just junk. This left five programs out of twenty which were worth the $14.95 or $19.95 that I spent on them. In fact, one program installed unwanted programs on my computer but that's another story. Once I found Time4Learning, I stopped buying disks. The children and my wallet ended up way ahead". A Time4Learning parent.

The great teaching games from Time4Learning - I highly recommend them.

John Edelson

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